How to Clean an Afghan Rug

Afghan Rug Cleaning

Handmade Afghan rugs, like tribal rugs,  are known for their stunning detail and intricate designs. They are also notorious for being hard to clean. However, they don’t have to be. The process is relatively simple and worth the upkeep for these one-of-a-kind pieces. Keep reading below for more information on how to clean an afghan rug.


How to Clean an Afghan Rug Yourself

So you want to learn about cleaning wool rugs yourself? No problem! Afghan rug cleaning is very similar to cleaning any other rug in your house. It just takes a few cleaning supplies and a little bit of patience.

Wool Rug Cleaning Instructions

To clean an Afghan rug yourself:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug.
  2. Move the rug somewhere that you can wash it with cold water and mild soap. Don’t use anything too strong, such as highly-concentrated carpet cleaner, as this can diminish the color. If you want to be cautious, you can always test in a small area first.
  3. Use a soft brush or a firm sponge to brush the rug out, following the nap. Note: the nap is the raised, fuzzy surface of the rug.
  4. Wash the fringes with the same soap solution as mentioned before, brushing them repeatedly. Then rinse with running water.
  5. Make sure to squeeze out any excess water to avoid soaking the rug. A squeegee works well for this.
  6. Lay the rug out flat to dry, ensuring it’s dried thoroughly before moving it back inside.
  7. If it’s stiff, lightly vacuum once it has been moved back inside.

Cleaning spills and pet stains:

If you spill something on the rug or your pet stains it in some way, clean it immediately. Urine and vomit can cause the color to run and it can cause odor, so it's important to treat it right away. To clean your wool rug after a mess:

  1. Blot as much liuid up as possible and clean up any residual material, using a spoon to gently remove particles if necessary.
  2. Rinse the rug with cool water. Note: you can add 1 cup vinegar per gallon of cold water and it will prevent color run as well as neutralize odor.
  3. Once rinsed, blot the area dry and then clean with rug shampoo or ¼ cup vinegar, ½ tsp dishwashing detergent, and 2 cups water. Make sure to clean in the same direction of the nap.
  4. Lay the rug out flat to dry, ensuring it’s dried thoroughly before moving it back inside.
  5. If it’s stiff, lightly vacuum once it has been moved back inside.

Afghan Rug Cleaning Cost

If you would prefer to have a professional clean your rug, that’s definitely possible. The cost of having your afghan rugs cleaned can vary but in general, cleaning services typically charge per square foot. The rug’s material and the cleaning method chosen can also be additional fees. Contact your local rug cleaning business for more details their wool rug cleaning cost.

Still Have Questions?

Do you still have questions? That’s not a problem! We have been hand-selecting afghan rugs for our clients since 2012 and are very knowledgeable in their care and upkeep. Learn more about our business here and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!