Buying Afghan Rugs in a Selective Market

Beautiful and extraordinary, let the room tell a story.

Afghan rug collection

What makes an Afghan rug stand out from others is the process of care and passion that goes into procuring it.  Every rug is unique. It tells a story of tradition, heritage, and individual passion. That is what we want to bring to your home.  A singular vibrancy that stands alone.

Afghan rugs are famous for their fine wool, vibrant reds and blues, and special knotting styles.  Tribal rugs are almost always made on horizontal or ground looms. Nomadic tribes rarely stay in one location for more than two months, and these styles of looms are easy to dismantle and pack on an animal to the next location.

Three of the most popular styles of Afghan rugs are the Khal Mohammadi, Kunduz, and Bokhra, all of which we proudly carry in our inventory.  We are drawn to the rich texture that it brings to the interior. Think about the last time you were in a room with a handmade rug. You remember that room because of the visual draw that the carpet created.  Tribal rugs are a tasteful way to bring allure and identity to a room.

How do we bring an afghan tribal rug from the hands that made it to home that loves it?

We procure the rugs from trusted sources in Afghanistan.  They are shipped to our home address in Holiday, Florida. The rugs are then photographed for our online collection, and stored on location in Holiday.  

When it’s time to ship, the rugs are wrapped in a product called Tyvek.  The Tyvek wrap creates a waterproof barrier externally, while allowing the rugs to breathe internally.  Wool tends to hold moisture. Moisture creates mold. Tyvek prevents this from happening. Once the rugs are wrapped in Tyvek, they are boxed for shipping and sent to your home or business.  

Our handmade rugs are assured for quality until the moment they arrive at your door, or your money back, and that’s a promise.

Would you like to know more about our exquisite collection of Afghan rugs?

Contact us here, and we’d be delighted to share more with you.